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Round the Horne




18th February 1965 - 9th June 1968

General information
Starting in 1965 and continuing for over three years, Round the Horne is one of the most famous and most popular series of British radio and is still enjoyed today with frequent repeats on the digital BBC 7 station.

Cast list
Kenneth Horne
Kenneth Williams
Hugh Paddick
Betty Marsden
Bill Pertwee
Douglas Smith

Script writers
Barry Took
Marty Feldman

John Simmonds

Fraser Hayes Four
Edwin Braden and the Hornblowers

Round the Horne was probably most famous for its regular Julian and Sandy sketch, with Kenneth Williams as Sandy and Hugh Paddick as Julian (Jules); two hillariously camp men whose commercial enterprise changed dramtically from one episode to the next, including Ballet Bona, Bona Books and Bona Tattooists, 'bona' being Polari (gay/theatrical slang) for 'good'. With their extensive use of Polari and shocking (for the time) sexual innuendo, they delighted audiences week after week. This is quite surprising, not only because such material was generally censored or looked down upon by many, but also because homosexuality was so taboo at the time.

Another very popular Round the Horne sketch was Rambling Syd Rumpo. This local-yokel country bumpkin, played by Kenneth Williams, would often appear on the show to sing a 'ditty' from his 'ganderbag'. These ditties were composed of nonsense words with a countryside sound to them and included 'The Ballad of the Woggler's Moulie', 'Bind my Plooms with Silage', 'Gladys is at it Again', 'Granny Went A-Wandering', 'Green Grow Your Nadgers-O', 'Green Grow my Moulies-O', 'My Grussett Lies A-Fallowing-O', 'Runcorn Splod Cobbler's Song', 'The Ballad of the Young Cordwangler', 'The Grommett Tinker's Song', 'The Russet-banger Ditty' and 'The Song of the Bogle Clencher'.

Character List

Adrian Bolt and The Pacemakers
Albert Figgis
Albert Haverstrap
Alice D'Artagnan
Ariadne of Shanklin
Armitage, the musical seal
Arnold Boldwicket
Arnold Creamtee, of the Devonshire Creamtees
Artemeus Gluckk
Arthur Fallowfield
Barbara Buttress MP
Binkie Huckerback, ageing juvenile actor
Blodwyn Blubber
Brigadier and Mrs Chudleigh
Brigadier Edith Gormenstrop (Mrs)
Buttercup Gruntfuttock
Celia Backstroke
Charmaine Glasspole
Dame Freda Bannister OBE
Dame Sweeney Eggblast, the Clacton Dripping Heiress
Daphne Hormone
Darryl F Claphanger
Detective Inspector Tom Grutt, aka "Grutt of the Yard"
Detective Sergeant Obadiah Grasspole
District Nurse Fay Botting
Dr Chou En Ginsberg MA (Failed)
Dr Crimly Fiendish
Dr Cronkmeyer
Dr Gladys Postern, nee Bolstrode
Ebeneezer Cuckpowder
Ethel Fredsnimble
Evelyn and Winnfred Hoist
Fanny Haddock
Fyffe Hobbertson
Gaylord Haemoglobin
George Hyeesha
Gordon LeStrange
Hamilton Gore-Strangely
Hans Foortvangler
Harry Booth and his Swingin' Spoons
Horseposture and Loombucket, Publishers
Hugo Blubberlips
Irving B Fish
J Peasmold Gruntfuttock
Johnnie Clogg MP
Judy Coolibah, Australian Tourist
Kenneth Bond Special Agent - and invisible mending
L Dougard Cortinbras
Lady Beatrice Counterblast, nee Beatrice Clissold
Lady Devere Stoatsfumbling
Lady Dovehawker
Lady Kneetrembler
Lemule Ghast
Leonide Grasspepper
Leslie Harblow
Lippy Angst
Loomis Grousefavour
Lord Athelstone of Tring
Lord Fustion of Thrax and Ann Thrax
Ludmilla Dogtrouser, the singing nun
Mad Alice Cudlipp
Malcolm Dredgestrangler
Maudie Fiddleworth
Mavis Clutterbucket
May Batley
Mssrs Cattermole, Mousehabit, Neepthye and Trusspot, Solicitors
Nemesis Fothergill
Otto von Grasspepper
Paddy Handbell and Gladys Runt
Pete Frontkettle
Phyllis Hopkins
Piggy Dipthong
Pixie Hotmuffin
Polyp Grunter-Pulpitt
Prinny Cattermole
Ramases Gumbrill, the whistling vicar of All Souls
Rambling Syd Rumpo
Ramona Grott
Ransden Gnomefumbler
Rev Ignatius Niblung Goosecreature
Reverend Unseemly Dogposture
Rex Goodbody
Rita Bollard
Rocky Cattermole
Seamus Android
Sherpa Gutbucket and the Electric Druids
Sid and Rita Dipfinger
Sidney Arborbridge
Sidney Goosecreature
Sir Arthur Brown-Horrocks
Sir Gladys Harbinger
Sir Hamilton Bean
Sir Henry Horseposture
Sir Redvers Cornposture
Stanley Birkenshaw
Tarquin Bannister-Hicks
The Earl of Bedlam
The Very Reverend Ignatius Dangle
The Widow Ganderpoke
Vergil Backwater
Winnie and Fred Atwell
Yaroslav Drobnik, the bouncing Czech

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