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Structured Imaginative Micro Worlds

'Your mind is a powerful tool - it can create any mirage you desire.'

Escape boredom and enter a world of your choice.

What are SIM Worlds?

'SIM Worlds' is a system for having fun, relieving boredom or inducing relaxation. It is also a good painkiller (maybe not for headaches) when your mind needs to be distracted. To create a miniworld, you need good imagination and visualisation skills.

NOTE: this is not a method of meditation.

SIM Worlds are basically a world which you create and step into in your mind's eye. This can be done with your eyes open or closed, does not require any deep breathing techniques and can be done while doing other things (preferably not driving).

We all imagine things, but do we really stop our thoughts flashing past, pause them and try and actually feel what our imaginations throw at us? That's essentially all that SIM Worlds are, but done in a structured way, like a poem.

How are SIM Worlds created?

First you must set the conditions. Five conditions are recommended to start with, each containing no more than three words. For example:

cold air
loud explosions
bright colourful flashes
wood smoke

The words are nouns or adjectives and negatives should not be used (eg. no space=full, no decoration=plain etc.).

As you picture the scene, you should feel it. As you set each condition, think carefully how you would feel because of it. For example, in the SIM World shown above, the 'night' condition means it is dark, but also there may be that deep velvet sky above your head. 'Cold air' is self-explanatory but together with 'night', it suggests it's a clear, gentle breeze (although it doesn't have to be).

'Loud explosions' could be a number of things, but if it was your miniworld, you would be setting the scene and know what the explosions are. Also, together with 'bright colourful flashes', it implies fireworks.

'Woodsmoke' suggests a fire nearby and you should be able to imaging the warmth off it (although this is quite difficult).

In fact, woodsmoke just finishes off the scene and the whole thing becomes 'Bonfire Night'. Once you have set all conditions and can feel the general 'atmosphere' of the scene fairly clearly in your head, try walking around the scene. What other people are there? Look at their faces - what are their expressions? What else is nearby? Is it a small local affair? Are there hotdog and doghnut stalls? Can you 'smell' them? If you don't feel anything at first, it should become easier with practice. If you are finding it difficult, you could try putting on some of your favourite music. This should help to set the scene and emotion (like how it is used in films).

Make sure that when you are creating your SIM Worlds you do not 'step out of yourself' and watch yourself in the SIM World as if watching a film. This is an easy mistake to make without realising it and is not as fun or effective as being yourself in your SIM World. Part of the idea is that you can experience things that you probably wouldn't usually experience or think about experiencing.

When you improve at creating SIM Worlds, you could increase the number of conditions. Setting an absolute maximum of ten, however, should produce more interesting and creative results.

SIM Worlds don't have to be relaxing; they can be fast, fun and exciting if you want them to be, as long as you can make yourself feel or almost feel what's going on. Please do remember though, SIM Worlds aren't guaranteed to work with everyone.

Below are some examples of SIM Worlds.

They can range from the mundane...

grey sky
littered pavement
exhaust fumes
people shopping

ticking clock
darkened room
moving shadows
tiptoe the more unusual...

bare feet
cold lashing rain
dripping leaves

Please contact blueconnection to let us know what you think of the 'SIM World' idea or to tell us of your own SIM World experiences.

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